Create a caring society .

across the globe, we are united in our dedication to children’s rights


Founded by Mr. Abraham Lwekamwa on 2012, Bohobe has emerged up on the contribution of other Co-founders with a shared vision and goals.

The word Bohobe as it has been used as the title of the organization, is originated in Southern Sotho language which means a common food made mainly from flour, water and yeast and produced by kneading and baking dough. It is one of the fine African foods preferred mostly by the southern societies as a daily bread.

Bohobe Foundation is a dedicated and devoted organization aimed at developing the society in all aspects of life by creating opportunities to the society through various social initiatives.

Bohobe Foundation aims at developing comprehensive, self-sustaining and holistic practices designed to alleviate poverty and its attendant’s problems. Every human being must have the opportunity to pursue good education, practice healthy living and exist in a clean environment. Bohobe plan is to work closely with the communities served to develop and sustain these objectives, offering hope to the hopeless, friendship and a better tomorrow to as many people as we can.


We facilitate safe learning spaces

We want to create a society where peace and justice reign and all people have the right to contribute, a society where the treasure of our hearts and the measure of our wealth is the happiness.

Bohobe Foundation is non-government organization on a mental ideal of creating a chance of education, social and economical advancement to the local community meanwhile initiating various social activities that will help the young generation to discover their maximum potentials. As long as we can’t reach every affected individual in the society, our plan is to partner with society groups, private entities and the under-resourced community itself in making significant changes in various aspects.

We Reach – We Teach – We Train and Serve.

As we do Investigate
And find opportunities
Make maximum utilization of the findings
We hope finally result to Significant Change


— Our Mission

Bohobe foundation is mainly focused on making a significant change and bring about an educated, healthy (both mental and physical), people centered development, skilled and a caring society. Which all begins with a proper rendered education.


— Our Vision

Can you imagine a society raised and established on the strong basis of knowledge, good health, standard and quality education which is of more relevance to the environment, humanity and equality? That’s a big picture of Bohobe foundation.


— Our Story

Bohobe Foundation is a charity organization based in Tanzania founded on 2014 by Mr. Abraham Norbert Lwekamwa and other Co-founders with a shared vision. Actually Bohobe Foundation started as a group of social works in the University of Cooperative and Business studies in Moshi now known as MoCU where the (main) founder Mr. Abraham pursued his bachelor degree in Arts of human resources management. The group helped students in solving various social and economic problems from time to time ,but due to the existing society needs and problems, the group has been growing from day to day and extended its  basic operations to the outside community and brought up the so called Bohobe foundation.


support us and change the course of a child’s life today!