We have to be the change we want to see.




— We Find & Fund

 We are doing research to identify various opportunities in the community and facilitate its implementation in collaboration with our partners and various development stakeholders.


— We Build Networks

We link and bring the community together especially for the youth and children community. The goal is to exchange skills, knowledge and positive opportunities for significant change.


— We Strengthen

We support and empower various community-based projects including education, small business projects, health projects and the environment, youth, women and children. 


— We Educate

We participate in community education and improve education level in the schools. In partnership with various stakeholders of education we provide opportunities for the young generation to learn and teach each other. 


— We Provide Care

We care for and reach the needy. Our philosophy is to create a caring society; we carry it out in practice on our everyday activities


— We Consult

We suggest best ways for development for different groups in the community. We design and choose steps to achieve the goals set out.


Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children

We believe in helping children to understand their dreams and to recognize them, it will allow them to take steps to reach them. Our task is to give them attention and to make sure they are going the right way.

The keys to the new future

We open the new world for youth and children and give them the keys to the new future. Everything we do for children and young people is for their best tomorrow. Through training, teaching and knowledge sharing we can make it to our goals.

Creating book clubs

This is all about giving an opportunity to the youth and children on creating a long lasting reading habit , self awareness and nourishing one’s mind through the mighty instrument, books; The project compounds of  “ToRead” and “ToWrite” activities. Reading is writing an art so powerful in one’s mind like imaginations.

Boys rise to greatness in Dar es salaam

We have begun to see the change in youth generated by direct involvement with artistic work. We teach them how to employ themselves and create income for their families by using their hands.

Girl power.

We recognize and appreciate the power within the girl. We make sure the environment of her self-sufficiency is best. We give enough education on how they can avoid temptations that can end their dreams. If you educate a girl, you educate the whole community

A new life in a new land

Our brothers from Mt. Art Zion Kigamboni and our brothers from the Mama Maunga Foundation Kinondoni have made us start a new life in new land. Working together to make a better future for boys and girls in Africa. We have a lot to do together for the coming year 2019


support us and change the course of a child’s life today!