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build a world where all youth are safe, strong & valued

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We are dedicated and devoted organization aimed at developing the society in all aspects of life by creating opportunities to the society through various creative social initiatives.

Our operations are based on working closely with affected community groups. We partner with under-resourced communities and strive to bring about sufficient society by creating opportunities and reliable access to good education, help the society to practice healthy living and exist in a clean environment.

Bohobe plan is to work closely with the communities served to develop and sustain these objectives, offering hope to the hopeless, friendship and a better tomorrow to as many people as we can.

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— We Find & Fund

We are doing research to identify various opportunities in the community and facilitate its implementation in collaboration with our partners and various development stakeholders.


— We Build Networks

We link and bring the community together especially for the youth and children community. The goal is to exchange skills, knowledge and positive opportunities for significant change.


— We Strengthen

We support and empower various community-based projects including education, small business projects, health projects and the environment, youth, women and children.


— We Educate

We participate in community education and improve education level in the schools. In partnership with various stakeholders of education we provide opportunities for the young generation to learn and teach each other.



— We Provide Care

We care for and reach the needy. Our philosophy is to create a caring society; we carry it out in practice on our everyday activities.


— We Consult

We suggest best ways for development for different groups in the community. We design and choose steps to achieve the goals set out.

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Meet Mama Maunga, the Iron lady with more than 50 children volunteering on raising them in her own house.

A woman with great heart and bright dream for her community and the entire future generation. He started with one child and now has more than 50 children at his home, nursing and caring for them, teaching them and making sure they get the best education they will ever have for their future life. Her story is exciting because in poor circumstances she still decided to break a bread to others

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Still there are students finishing  primary schools yet and they can’t read and write.

Our education system should be reviewed and substantially revised. Primary and basic education should be taken into consideration because the child’s education journey begins. We were surprised to see children finish school primary and illiterate. We have decided to introduce book clubs at school and at social centers featuring various stakeholders to persuade students to read books. We believe you know how to read you will know how to write. One who knows how to write and read does not have poverty in it.

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